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Meet Adam Griffiths, the owner of NQY Surf School and co-owner of The Slope Bar + Restaurant (Now Great Western Surf Café). If you haven’t heard of Adam aka Bearman then let us give you a little insight into this top UK surfer and awesome guy. He may have rented you a surfboard, deck chair or even taught you in a lesson, but did you know Adam is also a World Tour surfer! Competing in longboarding events around the world. More recently Adam came 2nd to world number one at a recent Surf Relik longboard competition in Malibu. We managed to grab Adam for a quick-fire interview, to find out a little more about the man behind the surf school.

Name: Adam Griffiths

Age: 31

Location: Newquay

Occupation: NQY Surf School Manager

Social Media: @adambearmangriffiths

Favourite Wave UK? Fistral / Porthleven

Favourite wave abroad? Malibu

Favourite Surfboard? Fourth Surfboards 9.0 Bear Man Pro

When you’re not surfing what do you get up to? Working and fishing

Best tip you can share for anyone learning to surf? Get out there and have some fun you won’t regret it!

How many years have you been surfing? 20

Why is Great Western a great place to learn to surf?  it’s a great place to learn to surf because it’s got a bit of protection from the headland that gives shelter from the wind and swells which makes it a great safe environment for learning to surf. It’s also a bit quieter than the main beaches so you can generally find a quiet patch.

Why is it essential to have a surf lesson? It is essential to have a surf lesson before you try to surf because, you’ll learn the correct techniques on how to catch, stand and ride waves along with loads of important safety points that shouldn’t be overlooked when learning to surf.

Best surf competition result? 2nd place at the Surf Relik event 2018 and 3rd place WSL Papa New Guinea 2017.

Where can we watch you in action next? The Boardmasters Festival and The Surf Relik event in California between the 8-18th of September

Favourite beer? Sharps Offshore pilsner