Coasteering along the Atlantic Cornish coastline is one of our favourite activities.

It’s a combination of jumping, swimming, climbing and traversing from one coastal point to the next.

Sessions take roughly 2.5 hours from start to finish. (including changing time)

Helmets, bouyance aid’s, wetsuits & footware are essentials for this activity.

Coasteering is an activity that any one can take part in.

For the more extreme people out there, we can push the limits and tackle some big jumps, scale cliffs and play in water features when the tide and swell’s allow.

For the less extreme we can skip the jumps and spend the rest of the session exploring

caves, swiming, climbing and traversing the coastline.

Find wildlife along way such as seal’s, crustations and other cornish treasures.

We offer coasteering sessions for familiesschool groupsstag and hen parties .