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Surfing isn’t just a sport to be practised in the summer months. September is, in fact, one of the best times to learn to surf or/and improve your surfing. With fewer crowds around, more consistent swell and sometimes, sometimes we even get a touch of Indian Summer. 

If you’re reluctant to book because you think the high summer is the only time to surf then hopefully this blog post will convince you to schedule a lesson and give surfing a go this September.

Here are our top 3 reasons why you should have a surf lesson in September. 

1. Warm Water

Did you know that September is, in fact, the warmest time of year in the surf? After a long hot summer on the ocean, the water temperatures are at their highest. 

2. Minimal Crowds

The kids are back to school and the main bulk of the summer holiday trade is dying off, meaning there’s more room in the water for lessons. Learning to surf is always better when there are fewer people around. The crowds won’t get in your way! 

3. Swell

With the change in the season, September usually brings a fresh autumn swell and with our beach being one of the most sheltered beaches around we won’t be affected by any strong winds that may come with it.¬†