Surfing is one of the most common pastimes in Cornwall. From its Polynesian origins it has spread throughout the world in the past 100 years as an exciting to way to spend time in the ocean and have fun with your friends. Our team of highly experienced surf instructors will guide you on your first steps to feeling that “stoke” that all surfers feel when catching a wave and riding it into the beach.

Let's Go Surfing!


Bodyboarding is an equally exciting alternative to surfing especially if you’re not as comfortable in the water. It’s not quite as physically demanding as surfing but can still be extremely fun.

Learn how to pick out the best waves and cruise into the beach with our instructors taking you every step of the way. Who knows you may even be doing a couple of tricks by the end of the session.

Let's Go Bodyboarding!


Sometime’s the coastal path can be a little boring. Want to take a more exciting route? Coasteering takes you from point A to point B by any means other than using the path. Climb through caves, traverse along rocky terrain, slide through sluices and jump off cliffs. Coasteering is more than just navigating the coastline but about taking the most exciting route.

Let's Go Coasteering!

Beach Games

If the sun is out but you don’t quite feel like getting in the ocean, we’ve got you covered. We provide all the tools you’ll need to have an array of different activities to do on the beach including Volleyball, Rounders, Cricket, Football, Tug-Of-War and other team based activities.

Available for all groups.

Let's Play Some Beach Games!


No waves? No problem. Rent on of our SUPs to take out and play around. Not sure where to go? Then one of our guides will take on a tour of the Newquay coastline.*

*Subject to conditions

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