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We’re fortunate to be able to call Great Western Beach our home, and there are so many reasons why we love teaching on this beach. If you’re new to Newquay and haven’t had the chance to visit or surf a Great Western beach yet, then let us share the reasons why we are big fans of this Newquay beach. 


Sheltered from most winds

Due to the location of the beach, Great Western is very sheltered from most winds. Meaning that if the main beaches are experiencing strong winds, Great Western will usually have a little less wind to contend with.


Tide Friendly 

Unlike most of the Newquay town beaches Great Western breaks throughout nearly all tides. Except for Spring High tides, you can surf safely on the beach without the tides affecting any wave riding. 


Life Guarded 

Throughout the main summer months, Great Western beach is beach that’s patrolled by the RNLI with all of our surf lessons are lead by fully qualified surf coaches and instructors, meaning you’re always going to be in safe hands on our surf lessons. 


NQY Surf School Exclusive 

We are lucky enough to own the lease to Great Western Beach meaning we are the only ones who can legally teach surf lessons on the beach. This is very important to us as we hate seeing our waters overcrowded. The only instructors that you will ever see in the water a Great Western are ones from our surf school.



As far as beaches go Great Western is very safe. With limited hazards, it makes an excellent base for beginner and intermediate surfers. Even though it may be one of the more sheltered beaches in Newquay, it still has its hazards, so if you’re heading down for a free surf or paddle and want to know the safest place to surf ask at the surf school or the lifeguards on the beach. 


Beginner & Intermediate Friendly 

Great Western beach picks up a little less swell than the main beaches but more swell than Towan making it an excellent beach for new surfers and improver surfers to practice riding the waves. The waves at mid tide are also a little softer and more forgiving, making it more comfortable it progress.